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Erasmus 2008
Nano-sized materials and thin films have gained huge interest over the last decade. Progress in research has demonstrated the potential in the assessment of their mechanical, optical and magnetic nanoproperties. Their characterisation has been demonstrated and different routes are well-established to synthesize these materials. Due to the continuous reduction in critical size, the analytical challenges, in terms of lateral resolution and sensitivity limits, are constantly growing. Hence, the ability to characterise their nanostructures is fundamental; methods based on photon or ion-beam phenomena and nuclear methods, yield essential information on an atomic scale unavailable by conventional techniques.

In a unique series of lectures and tutorials, the students are exposed to such techniques. During the tutorials, the students learn how to apply these theoretical concepts to practical situations. As internationally renowned experts in this field are found throughout Europe, a course covering this broad range of methods is unavailable at any one academic institution.

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